Valentines Day Makeup 2018: Peachy Eyes | Karolaine

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so easy, so cute.. I loved this make up so much I’ve worn it multiple times! If you don’t want to look too dramatic with red or pink bold eyes and a red lipstick, heres a more subtle, very romantic, make up look you can wear for Valentines day.
HAPPY VALENTINES DAY!! and if for some reason you don’t feel loved, whoever you are, wherever you are… I LOVE YOU. 🙂


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Dear friends,

I never want to be so afraid of something to the point I forget to live. Little things like putting myself out on the internet for literally everyone and ANYONE to see is a huge part of living. I get to say that I film youtube videos, take hours editing, and post them, as my Hobby… how cool is that?!? This is my happy place. Where I get to create the life I want, and I’m SO happy you get to be a part of the process… wherever this thing takes me, YOU are playing the biggest role in helping me accomplish my dreams. THANK YOU!

Karolaine A.


Thank you so much for watching!


  1. UnMystical says:

    I honestly love your videos

  2. 4kuñ c0k1 says:

    looking so beautiful, I don’t deserve this, darling you look perfect tonight. 🙂

  3. Estefania Alzate says:


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