REVIEW & Demo World’s Most Full Coverage Foundation! Dermacol Makeup Cover

Is this the world’s most full coverage foundation! The Dermacol makeup cover has been doing the rounds on Youtube and i finally got my hands on it! Makeup sure you check out my review along with a demo of how i use it!

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Dermacol Makeup Cover 223

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How to: Simple Easy Winged Liquid Eyeliner

My Brow Routine video

My In depth skincare routine – face & body

Im wearing ABH Hudson liquid lipstick and Toffee lipgloss


  1. Sheila Folan says:

    Do you know if they ship worldwide?

  2. Sandy Rahim says:

    Wow this was so annoying… too much info.. forwarded most of it.. by the end of it i was thinking shut up and just get on with it!

  3. mithu anya says:

    Love love love your eye makeup and your bow tie 😍 what glitter is that on your eyelids?

  4. Christy Woods says:

    It can be built up to very very very full coverage.The reason they first used it for burn victims in units years and years ago to cover their scars and then it started being marketed as a concealer.

    • Shahleena says:

      You mean that medical experts teamed up with the film studio artists to create it….as that it what they have stated.

  5. Christy Woods says:

    It’s been around since the 1960’s.

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