New Foundation Brush – Better Than Beauty Blender? | MODAMOB

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Clarisonic now has a makeup brush as an attachment that they sell separately. It costs $35 dollars, but is it worth it? We give our first impressions after using it for the first time on camera.


  1. Shanti Alexandra Sánchez says:

    Did the foundation last any more or less using the clarisonic brush than when applying with a beauty blender?

  2. Nirooshini Madaven says:

    Nah 🙄 I would just use a beauty blender instead
    Cheaper and cute tho 😄
    Just my opinion ✌🏻
    And thank you girls for the honest review


  3. Ayesha A.A.Hashmi says:

    Loveeee NorAni❤ Decent review girls! Thanks for all the times you guys give us an honest review! Lots.of love from Saudi Arabia #instafam 😘

  4. Ana Lazcano says:

    im scare it will clog my pores 😭😐

  5. Karla Choto says:

    I wonder if theres a Clarisonic dupe that fits their heads 🤔
    I see you really did love that liquid eyeshadow Nora! Lol
    😘❤ great video!

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