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Hey Beauty Boos!

I have decided that I will be doing a lot more vlogging. I specifically want to share my grind and my hustle on my journey to becoming the celebrity makeup artist that I have been working so hard to be.

This video is basically just a snippet of my thoughts, and new found drive to grind even harder to get to where I wanna be, and I figured doing this will add so much more substance and value to me as a person and really let you know who Maura really is and what I’m capable of achieving. Overall, I’m hoping this also inspires others, no matter what the career or passion – to follow their dreams and never stop chasing them. We hold our fate in our own hands. We are either our worst enemy or our best friends. I choose to be my best friend and number one fan for me, and I won’t stop until I get where I wanna be…You don’t stop either!

I really hope you all enjoy this video. It’s definitely something new, but something I feel can be great…not only for me, but for a lot of people out there.

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Thank you all so much! Love you guys! Remember to always be yourselves, love yourselves, and be better than yesterday!



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  1. Makeup Love says:

    Elite people are arrogant and rude, no one really likes them, they get paid to tolerate them.

  2. Ebony The Epitome says:

    Yesss boo! I got your back! East Coast love all day baby! Stay on that grind because Maura got the sauce honey! You are there, you are thriving, you are doing it! Keep pressin, pushing and praying! Know that you got a prayer warrior all the way in Maryland that’s got all the good positive vibes floatin to ya cross country! You are already ELITE and if they don’t know, they can catch these hands lmaoooo! Love ya!

  3. Katerina Gketi says:

    Ohhh this vlog is super honey 💋 Do a video with this make up look 💞 Love this ❤️

  4. life And Lipstick Green says:

    You keep doing what your doing the outcome is your winning their bodies are brown and their faces are yellow🤣🤣got me rollin.But don’t cry it’s going to happen.Blessings your in my prayers

    • MakeupByMaura says:

      life And Lipstick Green thank you sooooooooooooo much! Omg! That means more than you know! I guess my problem is that it’s just not happening as fast as I’d like 😩…but yes. God got me! And I appreciate the prayers so much!

      But giiiiirrrrlll! They be looking yellow as hell wit these chocolate bodies! lol! Just a mess!!! 😂

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