HOW TO CLEAN A BEAUTY BLENDER And Makeup it look Brand New | Best Beauty Blender Hack! | Eman

Don’t forget to Like & Subscribe babes! For my second HOW-TO video this month, I’m sharing my best secrets for How To Clean your Beauty Blender. There’s one method that is the ultimate Beauty Blender Hack! You will be amazed at how well it works! These tips can work with any makeup sponge. I tried so many different ways to clean my sponges, bar soap, face wash, etc but I’m showing you guys the 3 ways that worked BEST. You’ll never have dirty BeautyBlenders again! Thumbs up if you liked this video! Find me on Instagram @Eman
xoxo Eman

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  1. Jocelyn Barrera says:

    Option 1 though!!!

  2. Fozia Rafi says:

    I did this and yes yes it worked ..well I didn’t have olive oil so I just used normal cooking oil lol ah not even single a single patch was left uncleaned. amazing thanks saved my bucks

  3. fatima itsumi says:

    so useful <3

  4. Mariah Diamond says:

    can this be used for makeup brushes too or just beauty blenders??

  5. Vivian Maldonado says:

    I use pink baby soap! Softer and gentler and it makes them smell so good!

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