Foundation, Concealer and Powder Declutter | Makeup Declutter 2017


Today I am starting off my declutter series with my base products and seeing what I do and dont want to keep. I will be doing videos for each category of my makeup and will be uploading them roughly every 5 days so make sure you subscribe so you don’t miss any.
My plan is to get rid of anything that I no longer use for what ever reason – for example I’ve found something I like more, the formula didn’t work for me or I just simply don’t reach for it – for things which are still in a good usable condition I will pass them on to friends and family and any super old, used, or broken products will end up in the bin. However anything I can’t pass on or things people don’t want that I can see myself using up in project pans I will either keep and or declutter, offer to people and then if they say no I will allow it back into my collection (hope that makes sense).

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